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Middle School

Personal Responsibility. Confidence. Critical Thinking.

Prepared for the Challenges Ahead.

Middle School at SMCS:
Middle school is a challenging and exciting time for children. We believe that the middle school years are critical to a child's development into adulthood. 


We emphasize opportunities to build their moral compass as well as build confidence in their intellectual abilities - encouraging them to ask questions and think critically. Our inquiry-based learning style involves asking questions, problem solving and drawing parallels from a variety of solutions. We focus on the classics and root words to prepare them for the high school tests, ACT and SAT.


Technology is applied at a greater scale in projects, presentations and classwork to prepare them for high school. Middle school students are on a block schedule and experience a greater level of independence as they change classes, which prepares them for high school where higher levels of personal responsibility are required.


Teachers communicating frequently with each other to individualize each student’s education as much as possible. We work with each student according to his or her proficiency and special talents in each discipline.

Students study eight different subjects each day. Beginning in the sixth grade, our students learn the fundamentals of how to write a research paper, and will write one paper each year. All students complete Pre-Alegbra/ Algebra and Algebra I.

Our science program is an advanced learning curriculum, focusing on inquiry-based learning and includes a frog dissection. Our programs not only teach students about the wonders of science but allow them to develop critical & ethical thinking processes through hands on learning. The STEM partnership with Highland School of Technology exposes students to engineering and graphic arts.

Students can also apply for membership in BETA, participate in service projects, attend and facilitate weekly Mass.


5th/6th Grade Homeroom
(Science and Math)

Mrs. Maria Boylan

7th Grade Homeroom
(Language Arts and Science)

Ms. Jody Franco

8th Grade Homeroom
(Social Studies and Science)

Mrs. Ruth Bernet 

Middle School Curriculum

Religious Education, Spanish, Robotics, English, Social Studies, Science, Algebra I, STEM, Computer Science, Art, Music, Physical Education​

You can also click here for details about the

North Carolina Common Core State Standards and Essential Standards.

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